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Hello and we are back with a new post for you guys. I will be talking to you today about the problems you might face if you become an event planner yourself. Event planning can be a very stressful job sometimes because there are a lot of issues that you can run into. This job isn’t just all sing Songy.  Below is an in-depth a list of some of the problems you will face.

  • Deadlines-  when you are an event planner and you are managing multiple different event at one time, you will run into the problem of deadlines. Every event has a date that it needs to be completed act and when you are managing 20 different jobs, then it can get very stressful. You’ll have to manage different little things on a daily basis that need to be done with each project. Each one has a deadline of its own.  There are certain steps that need to be taken to complete a project, and each of the steps has an individual deadline on top of the major deadline. For this job you’re going to have to know very good time management skills because of the fact that you will be juggling a bunch of different things at one time.   You’re going to have to know how to use your time very wisely and do things in a certain order so that you can get everything done. Some of these events are very important so you cannot ever go past the deadline. You want to keep a good reputation that you always deliver your product on time.
  • Satisfying the customer–  I find it very hard to satisfy the client sometimes because they want or have a different vision then you envision for the project. A lot of the time, the client will leave it up to you to what the event looks like and how everything plays out. This is something that can get very annoying because if they don’t like what you had put out at the end, then it is too late to do anything about it.   When you are planning an event  and putting it together, I recommend that you tell the person you’re working with what you’re doing on a daily basis so that they can make adjustments by giving their opinion on what is going on. Don’t think of this as them telling you what should be done though. You are the expert on this and you know what will work best at the event, just  take their opinion on things that is going on and put that into consideration when you are adding features to the event. Go loss of their tastes and likes and dislikes. If your are a very good event planner you can piece together something that intertwines a little bit of their vision and most of your vision. You will be able to be creative enough to put something together that cooperates everybody’s ideas.

Those of the two biggest things you were going to run into when it comes to event planning. Overall, this is a very fun career choice and you’re going to be satisfied with choosing it. I hope you liked the information I had to share with you today and please come back tomorrow for more information coming soon! By the way, if you are looking for an excellent wedding planner then you should really check out my friend David Tutera.

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